Hightable Bangkok was founded to seek natural gifts to pass to many people in to elevate their physical, mental and spiritual happiness.

Hightable Bangkok has two main responsibilities in these gifts:

Extern, it involves organizing activities that gather diverse individuals through arts, music, competitions, joy and fun in various forms, using natural gifts as the common link to bring people together.

Internally, it encompasses conveying natural gifts to people through various forms, such as herbs, food, drinks, and emphasizing the importance of breathing, through products designed and created by Hightable, for participants to experience healing. This holistic approach results in elevating the spirit using the knowledge and abilities to guide people’s spirits and the world in which they live into greater brightness.



In 2024, Hightable Bangkok collaborated with Greenhead, Greenclub, Greenlab, and Remedy’s. We are more than just a team; we are a movement dedicated to revolutionizing the Budtender profession in Thailand. Our mission is to break boundaries by transforming Thai Budtenders into globally recognized artisans. We are committed to maintaining a delicate balance between art and science within the craft, promoting continuous learning and skill enhancement. Our approach is deeply rooted in elevating the profession’s status while empowering the local Thai community.

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